1015941_10100197317101845_8502048540023282771_oI realize I haven’t posted an update in, well, forever! Things have been busy here at Sidestreet. I am finishing up my final year of veterinary school at Tufts, and as of May 2016 (this year!) I will be a DVM. My time on clinical rotations has provided so many experiences that reiterate the importance of ethical breeders producing healthy, sound puppies and just how important this job is.

There have been some exciting wins and changes in the past few months since I’ve posted. New champions, new puppies, new health testing. But at the end of the day, the most important thing that has happened is that the dogs have been here, in my life, in my bed, loved and loving.

Dogs are incredible, aren’t they? They love us completely and whole-heartedly, without reservation or judgment, every moment of every day. To be able to produce a dog that will do that for another person is an honor. It matters. It is what makes me fulfilled.  I am reminded, every day, of the reasons why I do what I do. It’s not to produce the next big winning show dog, though what a thrill that can be. It’s certainly not for money or fame. It’s because there is nothing more rewarding to me than an email from a puppy owner telling me that my puppy has changed their life. It’s for the photos of a child cuddling with that puppy, the family or young couple posing with their new baby and one of my dogs right there with them. That is what I want for my dogs; to be loved, cherished, spoiled, and to contribute to the lives of their people for a decade or more.

I say it time and time again; I loved them first. I dreamt of them before they were even conceived. I held them in my hands when they took their very first breath, cried their first cry. I was the first face they saw when they opened their eyes for the first time, the one who answered their whines when they needed something. I helped them learn to walk, to eat from a bowl, to play with a toy, to be held and loved and spoiled. Before they ever leave, I have told them countless times that I love them, that they are perfect, and that I will always be here. When I hand them over to you to take home, I am giving you a piece of my heart that will always belong to them, and I am trusting you to take care of it. And I want to hear how they are, I want to see the photos, hear the stories, see the videos. I loved them first, and I will love them always. That is why I continue to breed healthy, happy dogs.

2016 will be an exciting year full of many changes! I will become a DVM, there are some gorgeous new puppies entering the world, I have exciting litter plans, and who knows what else the universe will throw our way.

If you’re interested in joining the Sidestreet family and loving one of these awesome dogs, email me or call. There is a waiting list for Boston puppies, and the next litter with availability likely won’t be until late summer/fall. There will hopefully be some fluffy Aussie puppies this spring, and I may have availability in that litter, so please contact me if interested. I always welcome visits and conversations, and I look forward to getting to know you.