All of the Flea x Punch pups have found their forever homes. Thank you to all of the wonderful new owners of this fantastic litter! Tad and Wren will be staying here at Sidestreet, Mouse (now Willow) has gone to live with Kristine of Guardian Bostons on a co-ownership agreement, Squirrel is now Ryder and will be a fun performance and companion dog locally, Rabbit and Starling kept their names and are also local, Fisher is enjoying life on the Cape with frequent beach visits, and Finch is now Cooper living it up in Boston.
Such lucky, balanced, happy pups, and I’m one lucky breeder to have found such excellent homes for all of them.
Please send pictures of your pups loving life!

Squash is on a roll…he started off the year with a 5 point major Winners Dog win at the Boston Terrier Club of Connecticut. This makes a second specialty winners dog win for Squash, and littermate Dalton won Winners Dog at this specialty last year!
Squash then went on to win his second major (4 points) this past weekend. Mr. Squishy now needs only two points to finish his championship!